Brundall Riverside

Had a wonderful opportunity last week to take a look at Brundall from the river.

Thinking back it must have been at least 30 years since I last travelled along the river at Brundall and it was great to see the village from this perspective.

I was invited to take this trip by “Digger” from Brundall Gardens Marina. He knew that I wanted some picture of the river for the Visit Brundall web site and with the support of his employers he kindly took me out in his boat for an enjoyable hour or so on the river.

Over the past 10 years I have visited many places in and around Brundall and I continue to be delighted and surprised by a new view, a hidden garden or some part of this village which I had never seen before. So the trip on the river gave me the chance to see so many places that I had not seen before. It also provided a good perspective on how Brundall sits on the river and how many familiar buildings look from this perspective.

I am pleased to share some of the many pictures that I took during this trip. Hope you enjoy them!

Andrew (Brundall Home Hardware)




River at Surlingham – Colham Hall


Boat Sheds at Surlingham


Brundall Gardens Marina



Brooms Marina



Surlingham Broad


Brooms Marina



Brundall Bay Marina


Moorings at Surlingham


Bells Marina


Bells Marina


Brundall Church Fen Moorings


Brundall Gardens Marina


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